Tuesday, May 11, 2010
I Love Not Camping
So last weekend Ryan and I went camping.

Yes. Real live sleeping in a tent, outdoor, cooking over a fire camping.

Which I had never really done before.

We decided on Winona, MN (Great River State Park) because Ryan is doing Trinona in a few weeks and he wanted to have a preview of the course. Anyone riding the Olympic course has their work cut out. There is a VICIOUS hill.



So on Friday morning, we loaded up the car and dropped the dog off with our good friend Pasta Jesus and made our trek down to Winona.

In the rain.

Oh, did I forget to mention that part? The part where it was supposed to rain the entire day, and then turn into snow overnight? The part where words like "record low temperatures" had been tossed around the forecast? Yeah. Awesome.


On Friday, we rolled into our campsite. Nay, we sloshed into our campsite. Threw down a tarp and tried to set up a tent that neither of us had ever seen before in the middle of an icy downpour. Tried to snap together rods and tie rainflaps and zip zippers with frozen fingers. I might have cried a little bit.

Do you know what causes 90% of relationships to fail? PUTTING UP TENTS IN THE RAIN.

But we got up the tent and it didn't leak (and we didn't kill each other). We piled in our stuff and made a little nest for ourselves. I? Am not a camper, therefore I don't pack like a camper.

Sturdy, rainproof shoes? Bueller? Bueller?

Down comforter? Check. What? I wanted to be comfy!

So, I didn't pack like a camper, but it's a damn good thing I brought that comforter...because it got down into the low 30s Friday night.

And our sleeping bags zip together, so we were quite cozy.

Saturday was much better. The rain mainly cleared and though it was overcast and chilly (and it also SNOWED a little bit), we were able to enjoy the day. We went for a few hikes, we headed into Winona (and warmed up in a coffee shop while drinking coffee), we ate "real" food, we ran the Trinona course, and that night we were able to build up a fire to make dinner and smores.

Sunday, luckily, was glorious. We woke up to the sun beating against the side of the tent and it was a bright and sunshine day. We headed back to Winona and Ryan rode the beast of a bike course (and tackled the hill three times!!) while I ran. We did more hiking and enjoyed the scenic overlooks.

So do I love camping? Wellllll...love is an awfully strong word. I wouldn't say I LOVE camping...but I'll definitely do it again. As long as it's not raining.

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Monday, May 03, 2010
It's Later
...So I ran again a few days later. And again a few days after that. And a few more times for good measure.

3 miles - 11:19 pace
3.5 miles - 11:04 pace
3 miles - 10:33 pace
4 miles - 10:41 pace
3 miles - 10:15 pace

Do you see a trend??

FASTER, bitches!!

So if my math is correct and I shave 30 seconds off my pace every week...I have a decent chance at winning a 10k come July. :)

But, No...I don't consider myself a 10:15 pacer just quite yet. I was feeling particularly rambunctious and it was only three miles...

I think I can stick to 10:30s for awhile...and in a few weeks I'll put the hurt on and see if I can work my way down to a 10:00 pace.

The secret to this plan? NO DISTANCE RUNNING. Marathons are for badasses pussies.


Thursday, April 29, 2010
Somebody Call 911
A few weeks ago, I had a meeting with my runner girls (and guys) to discuss Ragnar - Wasatch Back.

We had so much fun with the Great River Relay that we decided to do a new Ragnar relay. A destination Ragnar. Utah, baby.

Up to this point, I hadn't been running.

(Yes, I took five month off from running)

(No, the Couch to 5k didn't stick)

So we were talking about the relay, talking about which legs we wanted to run, and working out details. And it all made me incredibly happy.

As I was driving home, I felt myself glowing. I was SO EXCITED to run. I just had a feeling that I was going to be FAST this year. The Fire? It was back. Frickin' Finally.

So I went out for a run. My goal: Run three miles without stopping.

Funny how goals can go from "run three marathons in three weeks" to "run three miles" in such a short time frame. :)

So I went out there, ready to be FAST.

(Fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor running path!)

I ran 3 miles without stopping...at 11:19 pace.

HELLO, reality! Am I SMOKIN' FAST? Not even close.

Speed will come later.


Monday, March 22, 2010
Auto-Lock Can Kiss My Ass
I think I have mentioned my complete paranoia about the tires on my car. Yes? Yes? Yes? It is not unfounded.

Well, a few weeks ago, I went out to my car, ready to head to the office. I thought one of my tires looked a little low.

I hopped in the car with purse and all my work stuff, put the key in the ignition...and decided that it would probably be a good idea to check the tire pressure before I went anywhere.

So I got out my trusty tire pressure gauge, got out of the car, unscrewed the tire cap...



That beep? That one you just heard? That was my car locking itself.

VWs have this "handy" feature where if you unlock your car but don't start it within 30ish seconds, it automatically locks itself. WTF??

So there I was, standing outside my car. I could see the keys in the ignition, but had no way to get them.

I should mention that I only have one set of keys.

Fuck fuck fuck.

Well, I guess I'll call AAA.

Nope, phone is in the purse. Purse is locked in the car.

Guess I'll head back into my apartment. I'll IM Mom and she can call AAA.

Can't get into the apartment, keys are in the ignition.

At least I can wait in the lobby.

Remind me again HOW you will get into the building without keys?


So I grumpily marched back the building. Luckily, my building has an intercom system, so I was able to talk to the building manager. She buzzed me in, but I had to wait around for the maintenance guy to let me into my actual apartment. And it was smooth sailing form there - I IMed with Mom, she called roadside assistance, and all was well.

I hate my car.

Does anyone know how to disable auto-locking? Because I'm inches from going Office Space on my car.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Hello Ladies
I finally, FINALLY can talk about running again.

Because I ran. Twice.

Last week.

Two Times In One Week! It's a miracle!!

So yes, I announced a few weeks ago that I was going to embark on a couch-to-5k journey...and then I promptly...didn't run.

I was sick. I had a cold for 2.5 weeks. That's 18 days. It's a long time to feel like ass, and I was so exhausted that I just didn't have it in me to hit the treadmill.

Enough complaining.

I finally started feeling better...and I bought new shoes (which may be the real reason I started running.



The Lady Isaac.

Hello, Ladies

(I'll admit that I'd hoped that I'd end up with an atrociously bright pair...but I ended up with ones that are surprisingly tame for Newtons)

Ever since I started kettlebells last year, I began hearing more about how working out barefoot was good for you (proprioception is my new favorite word). And then Asics had the nerve to make the toe box in the Nimbus 11s GIGANTIC and I was officially out of love with them. Since I was going to stray from my faithful Nimbii anyway, I decided to employ the "go big or go home" motto. Since I was making a change, I was going to make a big change.

So, yes. Newtons. I've taken them for two runs (or walk/runs, if I'm being honest) and I like them so far. I'm feeling it in weird never-before-used muscles...and am sore in different places.

But I like them. I like running. I like watching the Olympics on the treadmill. Biathlon? YUM.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Kill the Car
I was driving home from work on Tuesday.

Chug...Chug...Clank...Clank...Whir Whir Whir...

*BEEEEEP* Check Alternator!

*BEEEEEP* Airbag no worky!

*BEEEEEP* Power steering is for sissies!


Car. Is. Dead.

(No Battery Power = No Hazard Flashers. Safety third!)

On the highway.

During a snowstorm.

While wearing a dress and tights and heels.

(Do you know what's cold? Being stuck in a car that has no heat while wearing a dress and tights.)

Needless to say, Miss Puff-N-Chug is back in the hospital. She needs a new water pump, $erpentine belt, power $teering pump...

Is it ethical to euthanize a car??

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010
Couch Potato
Turns out, No Running = No Blogging.

And when I say No Running, I mean NO RUNNING. I got the new Garmin for Christmas, and thought that would kickstart my motivation.

Turns out? Not so much. I ran on December 26th...and then on January 10th...and then on...

Oh, right. NEVER AGAIN.

And it's February. A brand new month. So I think I need a brand new plan. A fun plan. An easy plan.

So I am going to do...





A couch to 5k plan.

Yes, really.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I could totally bust out a 5k right now.

(And by "totally" I mean "maybe")

I wouldn't be PRing or anything crazy, but I could carry my out-of-shape ass across 3.1 miles.



So maybe I couldn't. I guess it's a good thing that week one starts a little something like this:

Walk 4:30
Run :30
Repeat 7 times

Oh yeah, baby. I'm going back to basics. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to run for 30 seconds. :)

I think some new running shoes are in order.